Thanks to the  technological dominance of today for the load of misinformation being in vogue. Nilai aims at breaking the faux knowledge by authentically educating and inculcating factual and evidence based information. Come meet out seasoned experts and get educated the right way.


The most delicate & precious time of the new mother and child to form a bond and heal together. Let our guides take you through the most effective ways of coping through it.

Pre conception Care

With peer and parental pressure unsettling every young couple of today, We at Nilai understand the needs of this crucial step in your life. We aim at offering the wholistic care needed to plan the transition into the next phase of life.

Ante natal and post natal care

We understand the most demanding time in a woman’s life with physical and emotional needs being at its peak. With hormonal flow wrecking havoc on the system the new mother is constantly on the edge. We at Nilai understand today’s women and aim to provide the refined version of legendary maternal home care which our bygone grandmothers left by.

Nutrition/ Clean eating practice

What we eat decides who we are. Nilai aims at educating and empowering about healthy eating practices thereby helping you start your fitness journey from the kitchen.

Self care

This gen Z buzz word encompasses a spectrum of possible modalities and we at Nilai aim to redefine it. Come and get enlightened about caring for your soul and body and Rediscover an all new version of yourself.

Digital Detox

That much needed zoning out of today’s excruciating everyday mundane… Come to us and we will teach you how to let go of the necessary evils and reprogram for moderation.

Individual inner balance is the innate integral unit of universal stability and that’s our motto – helping you achieve the stillest state of existence and bring out the fullest potential from within.